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430 Lamarque Street, located in the heart of Old Mandeville, Louisiana | CONTACT US | DIRECTIONS


We appreciate your interest here, at the Dew Drop Jazz Hall, to help keep alive the legacy of the styles of jazz for which New Orleans is famous.
The Dew Drop is a non-profit organization and we value your support. If you would like to print a form to donate to the Friends of the Dew Drop by mail, click below on the button.
To contribute using PayPal, click here:

Our suggested donation is $100 but please consider patronage at the $250 or $500 level. Of course, contributions of any amount help to ensure the success of our mission. Only through the generosity of our donors can we preserve our historic structure, provide music of the highest caliber, and finance the remarkable JazzKids program. Ticket sales cover only a small portion of our costs. In the past, recognition of your tax deductible annual gift has been in the form of invitations to special shows, front row reserved seating or small Dew Drop gifts. This year we will continue to show our thanks to our patrons in one way or another.

Education is one of the Dew Drop’s top priorities, and the JazzKids program is no less than excellent. Not only do we reach thousands of kids with exposure to their Louisiana musical heritage, but we have a chance to help some of the highest quality musicians who are trying to earn a living wage. It takes 5 to 10 donations at the $100 level to finance an off-site music education experience to students which helps ensure the love of New Orleans styles of jazz for another generation.

Please help us with your donation. Regardless of whether you help us financially, please sign up to receive our newsletter to remind you of upcoming events. Add your email address below.

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